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Alt Description

User documentation - CLAAUDIA Compute Cloud Strato

Hello and welcome to the documentation for the CLAAUDIA Cloud. The documentation is targeted at our Strato project. To get valuable feedback from the strato phase CLAAUDIA expects the following of the participants

  • You to make use of the facilities.
  • That you provide feedback on your experience with phase 1.
  • You must not use AAU sensitive or GDPR restricted data in phase 1.
  • That you participate in a user-to-user self-help group.
  • Syslog from instances will be sent to ITS logging system.
  • There will NOT be made backup of the data you upload to the cloud, so do not delete your own copy. The data is safe in the cloud, as the storage system replicates it. There is just no additional backup, so if you by accident delete it from the cloud, it will be gone, and needs to be re-uploaded.
  • You will have full onwership of the instance you create and can therefore install additional software, tweak it or use it as is.

Coming from the pilot?

Transfer image or data to strato

What is CLAAUDIA Compute Cloud Strato

CLAAUDIA Compute Cloud Strato is a compute cloud hosted at AAU. The cloud is based on OpenStack. A user can launch multiple instances based on different flavors and images. The flavour is the computing resource and the image is the OS+software.

Flavour Name VCPUs RAM Disk
m1.small 1 8GB 1TB
m1.medium 2 16GB 1TB
m1.large 4 32GB 1TB
m1.xlarge 8 64GB 1TB
m1.2xlarge 16 128GB 1TB
m1.4xlarge 32 256GB 1TB

CLAAUDIA Compute Cloud Strato glossary

Quick-start - Your first instance

Follow the guide to get your first Ubuntu 18.04 instance up and running in minutes! The guide will take you through the steps of logging in to the cloud, setting up an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS instance and accessing the instance with SSH.

Quick-start - Your first instance

Prebuilt image documentation

In Strato, a range of different pre-built images will be available. Every image is based on an AAU-flavored version of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. The AAU-flavored Ubuntu image is accessible through SSH with a key-pair. Derived images are also accessible through SSH, the images with a web-interface require additional setup to access them via a browser.

Image list

Image Name Version Use case Guide
ubuntu_18.04 18.04 LTS Cloud Base-ubuntu-image for the user to build upon. Ubuntu 18.04 cloud
ubuntu_18.04_science 18.04 LTS Cloud AAU Flavoured An Ubuntu image loaded with debian science packages. Ubuntu 18.04 science
RStudio-Server R v3.6 RStudio server accessible in a browser. RStudio guide
Matlab R2019b Matlab R2019b Matlab R2019b server. Matlab guide
JupyterHub Anaconda3 4.7.12 Jupyterhub with standard conda packages. JupyterHub guide
Anaconda3 Anaconda3 4.7.12 Ready to use conda environment with standard packages. Anaconda3 guide
COMSOL5.4 COMSOL Multiphysics 5.4 COMSOL Multiphysics instance for client-server (Requires license to use) COMSOL guide
Homemade image Your_special_image Upload and use your own image in the cloud. Homemade Image
Ubuntu RDP RDP+XFCE RDP image with XFCE desktop environment Ubuntu RDP Image

Cloud guides

Learn about more advanced Openstack features E.g. deleting instances, releasing IPs or using the openstack CLI.

Discussion Forum

To support as many as possible we have created a Yammer Compute Cloud Group. The Yammer Compute Cloud Group is a forum to ask questions and share tips/tricks. The idea is to answer questions once, but let everyone benefit from it.

Yammer Compute Cloud Group


Direct support is also possible. Please ask your question by submitting an email to