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rds aceptance test

Repository for acceptance test on ceph hardware

Prerequisite for running acceptance tests

  • fio - - fio has been compiled in standalone version to checkout with test, to ensure no need to install additional packages when running the test.

To build fio checkout latest stable branch of fio. Make sure that that libaio-dev ins installed. $./configure --build-static; make.

  • Run file job files. To get a better understandning of job file arguments check the man page of fio
  • fio will make the following log files, bandwidth (bw), completion latency (clat), submission latency (slat), iops, and total latency (lat).
  • fio jobs will be running until the device is full.

Flash Baseline

Flash disk of ceph osd is a Dell Express Flash NVMe PM1725 1.6TB AIC NVME located on /dev/nvme0n1

Sequential Performance

HDD of ceph osd is a HGST Ultrastar He10 HUH721010AL5200, located on /dev/sd(a,r)

Network Baseline is a bash script that takes runtime as an argument, and logs network throughput every, until the time is up. Format is epoch seconds, and bits per second.

Example: ./ 3600 | tee netplot.csv will log to netplot.csv for 3600s=1h.